[Herald Interview] Indonesia's Aladin Bank CEO eyes digital banking partnerships with Korea

Dyota M. Marsudi, CEO of Bank Aladin Syariah, said he hopes to foster collaborations with Korean companies in the fast-growing digital banking sector.

Bank Aladin Syariah is a digital banking institution under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority in Indonesia and a member of the Indonesian Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS).

Marsudi envisions digital banking as a strategic approach with a core commitment to Sharia banking principles, focusing on serving customers and enriching society.

Sharia banking principles adhere to the guidelines prohibiting speculation, gambling, taking interest on loans, and investments involving items or substances forbidden in the Quran.

He underlined that a significant proportion of 77 percent of Indonesians still lack access to fundamental banking services, including funding and financing products.

To bridge this gap, Marsudi aspires to unite Bank Aladin's local expertise with Korean firms' know-how in promoting digital banking services as well as their capabilities in creating global brands.

"Based on local knowledge that we (bring), combined with the experience of Korean companies in creating global brands and trends, like K-pop, I am sure that through discussions there will be products and campaigns that we can launch to reach this segment," he said. "Korea has successfully banked most of its population and launched meaningful campaigns in digital banking."